Update on Cao Ruyi

Good news for all of you who prayed for Cao Ruyi, and contacted the hospital where she was being threatened with forced abortion. ChinaAid reports that, "due to the global outcry," she has been allowed to return home. The family is being fined, but is no longer under surveillance.

(I believe there's a mistake in the press release -- according to previous reports, this is their second child, not their first.)

Thank God and thank you for making a difference!


I almost cried when I read this. How sad, to force someone to terminate their pregnancy. But at least the child - and mother - have been spared. I can see that all of you on here are good people. I will keep this family in my prayers for certain.

Thank God indeed! I hope this child knows love, God, and tenderness and is able to have a good life.
You're welcome.

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