I used to be a Gleek

Growing up I always enjoyed movies that featured copious amounts of music, especially singing. When the film ended, I would rush back home to buy the soundtrack and listen to it on repeat for weeks. As I shared a car with my sister, this enthusiasm for singing didn’t go over well, as I'm certainly no Whitney Houston. Nevertheless, I had always longed for a show that featured new musical renditions every week. So, as you can imagine, when Glee debuted I was ecstatic.

A show about a high school glee club whose members aren’t exactly the most “popular,” Glee initially had a positive message -- to embrace who you are. Indeed, as even Christians canrelate, it is not necessary to be the richest, the prettiest, or the most athletic. Along with the positive message, Glee offered renditions of both old and new songs, adding a current and youthful twist to them. After only the first few episodes, I had declared my new favorite television show. I was an avid fan; I was a "Gleek."

Even though it got slightly more risqué, I stayed loyal during season 2, which was focused on inviting celebrity musical artists to perform their famed songs. And then season 3 came, a season full of girl-on-girl makeout sessions, gay couples having sex for the first time, inappropriate teacher/student relationships, and making fun of Christianity by calling purity impractical (not dissimilar to season 2’s “Grilled Cheesus” episode in which students worshipped a Jesus face on a grilled cheese sandwich . . . huh?)

What saddens me most, however, is not necessarily that producers have filmed such scenes, but rather that fans are considering them the “highlights” of the season. As I was scrolling through Facebook last night, I noticed a post about Glee's 20 Best Moments. I was shocked to find that almost half of the top moments have a common theme: homosexuality.

Take a look at numbers 3, 9, 10, 11, 4, 16, 18, and 20.

Sure, the group rendition of How Will I Know may be “gorgeous,” but it also features male character Kurt wondering how he will know if his boyfriend, Blaine, really loves him. That same couple, “Klaine,” as Hollywood has dubbed it, has sex for the first time (top moment #10), and performs Let It Snow at their cabin like a married couple (top moment #4). Additionally, male lead Finn sings Girls Just Wanna Have Fun as a tribute to lesbians (top moment #18); Sebastian, another gay character, fights for Blaine’s affection (top moment #16); Ricky Martin, who has recently come out as homosexual, sings Sexy and I Know It (top moment #9); Dave Karofsky attempts suicide after being humiliated because (surprise!) he is another gay character (top moment #3); and transgender character Wade Adams (or really his alter-ego “Unique”) becomes the star at nationals and a role model for others (top moment #11).

Almost HALF of the “best" moments focus on homosexuality? Really, Glee? I have officially turned in my "Gleek" card.


A round of applause for Rolley's cleverness.. :)

Megan, be grateful for the people you work with and for. I've been working in the restaurant industry since I was 14 (I'm officially a month away from 26 now) and let's just say...consider yourself lucky ;)
All right, everybody, behave. :-) And Megan is being far too modest.
Megan, Anthony spoke too soon. I fear you let a punctuation error slip through when you left out the comma between those two adjectives. It should have read, “I have a pretty, fantastic editor!”

Understandable, but get that keyboard fixed. :)
Thanks, Anthony! That means a lot! I can't take all the credit, though. I have a pretty fantastic editor! :) Thanks for your feedback... very encouraging!
By the way, Megan, I've enjoyed reading your articles/posts on here. Every one of them so far is so well-thought-out and I have yet to find a typo! :) ;)
Work took up alot of my time and not only did I miss out on Glee but new Law and Order, Psych, and Lost episodes as well.

Thanks for catching me up! Now I'm going to have to go back through the internet to find seasons 3 and beyond.

Yes you have! haha. Why did you stop watching? For the same reasons as me or for others?

I agree. I like how you worded that. "Embrace who you should be... like Jesus." Thanks!
Wow...I've missed alot since season 2.
The Christian message is not "embrace who you are" but "embrace who you should and hopefully will be".

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