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  • Ship of Death

    It's a sad day when a documentary about a ship that travels around providing abortions gets an award for "Political Courage."READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • The Human Cost of Abortion: 'Star Wars' Edition

    As some of you will recall, I'm a great fan of Sir Alec Guinness, both as an actor and a writer. So I was particularly struck by Fr. Dwight Longenecker's touching new piece that focuses on Guinness's birth to an unwed, poverty-stricken young mother -- and reminds us of what could have happened to him, had we then had the same disregard for life in the womb that we have today.

    "If abortion had been easy and legal in England in 1914 the world would never have experienced the witty, smart, subtle art and the quiet, steady witness of Alec Guinness…" Fr. Longencker writes, "…and Star Wars would have had an enormous void."

    Read the whole piece here.

  • Follow Today's Pro-Life Events in D.C.

    You can click here to watch FRC's seventh annual ProLifeCon live. (It will be archived in case you can't watch until later.) Speakers include Jill Stanek, Charmaine Yoest, and Rick Santorum. If you want to follow along on Twitter, the hashtag is #ProLifeCon. 

    Later today, if you want to follow the March for Life on Twitter, the hashtags are #WhyWeMarch and #MarchForLife2015. The event's official Twitter handle is @March_for_Life.

  • Disgrace

    House Republicans dropped plans to vote on the bill that would have banned abortions after five months, because of quarrels within the party over the rape provision.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • The 'Pain-Capable' Bill Is Well Named

    As the House prepares to vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, ABC News acknowledges that babies can indeed feel pain at less than 25 weeks gestation.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • That Would Be One Important Scrap o’ Paper

    Have researchers found a first-century fragment of the Gospel of Mark? If so, it would be the oldest extant fragment of any of the gospels. Joe Carter over at the Gospel Coalition sums up the potential news. Check it out . . . and watch the video of Dr. Craig Evans at last year’s Apologetics Canada conference.

    Just as fascinating (to me, anyway) is how they found the fragment. It turns out that less-than-fabulously wealthy first-century Egyptians used papier-mâché funerary masks. Made of papyrus. Used papyrus. The trick for researchers, as Dr. Evans described, was to find a way to dissolve the glue that holds the masks together without dissolving the ink used to write on the papyrus.

    This will be a story worth following. Thanks to young G. Shane Morris for alerting me to it.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Men, Beware!

    Dr. Stephen Kim's post "10 Women Christian Men Should Not Marry," featuring an odd mix of Scriptural truths and arbitrary personal preferences, went viral over the last few days. I was going to blog about it, but then Clare Coffey and Calah Alexander saved me the trouble. Enjoy!READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • It Was Bound to Happen

    Students at Mount Holyoke College are no longer allowed to stage the play "The Vagina Monologues." Guess why. (Note: Sexual language and discussions at link.)READ FULL ARTICLE »

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  • TIME, Same-Sex Marriage, and Evangelicals

    Is it TIME for evangelicals to embrace same-sex marriage? For the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

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