Life and the Mexico City Policy

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President Trump has reinstated the “Mexico City Policy,” which bans U.S. funding to foreign non-government organizations that provide or promote abortions.

This is great news. But it’s not a game changer. Here’s why. President Reagan first enacted the Mexico City Policy in 1984. President Clinton revoked it in 1994. George W. Bush reinstated it when he took office. And, of course, President Obama revoked it in 2009.

I trust you see a pattern.

The question is how can we bring about long-lasting change? Yes, electing pro-life candidates is crucial. But administrations—and Mexico City Policies—come and go.

We effect change by winning hearts and minds. By showing the beauty of life, by our sacrificial care for women and children, by nurturing the enormous and growing pro-life sentiment among young people.

And of course, we pray. Please, come to for your free “21 Days of Prayer for Life” prayer guide.

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Mexico City Policy and increase in abortion rates
My wife and I are prolife and applauded the reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy. However, I ran across this study:
This show an increase in abortion rates under this policy. I am now rethinking my support of the policy and wanted to get your thoughts on this study.

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