Your Teens and 2017

Here’s a prediction for 2017. For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I'm John Stonestreet with The Point.

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So let me make a bold prediction for this year: Christian parenting won’t be any easier than it was in 2016.

So thank heaven for my friends at They’ve just released their 15 predictions for the media, entertainment, technology, and faith trends that will attempt to shape your kids’ hearts and minds in 2017.

Ever heard of “Snapchat spectacles?” Well, for 130 bucks your kids might be wearing them and having their every glance posted as pictures on Snapchat. You might also want to know about the increased popularity of “same-sex gaming,” or the new Nintendo mobile system that will make it even easier for your kids to avoid reality wherever they go. will also fill you in on the music and films your kids will be listening to and watching this year.

So please come to, click on “The Point,” and I’ll link you to Axis’s list of predictions for 2017. And to keep up with the cultural trends influencing your teens year ‘round, sign up for their weekly “Culture Translator.”

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