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A recent CBS news story portrayed in a powerful way that every human life, at every stage of life, is beautiful and bears the image of God.

Reporter Steve Hartman introduced a young man named Rion Holcombe, who has Down Syndrome. Unlike 90 percent of babies diagnosed with Down's in utero, Rion was born. But like many South Carolinians, he longed to go to Clemson University—a tall order, to say the least.

With his parents’ encouragement, Rion applied to Clemson’s competitive two-year program for young people with learning disabilities to prepare them for independence and employment.

He got in. And now Rion has graduated, and unlike so many recent college graduates, he has a job in hand.

OK, I’ll admit. I got a lump in my throat watching this report. And though I’m a big Duke basketball fan, today I trade in my Duke t-shirt for a Clemson tiger paw. If you’d like to see the CBS story, come to, and I’ll link you to it.

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