An Un-level Playing Field

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As Chuck Colson said the test of a worldview is its logical conclusion.

And the logical conclusion of the transgender movement has now come to sports—at the expense of female athletes.

In Alaska, a biological male who considers himself a female competed at the state high school track and field meet, advanced to the finals, and won “all-state honors.” Of course, by advancing to the finals, there was one biological girl who didn’t make the cut.

One female athlete told a news station, “I’m glad this person is comfortable with who they are … but I don’t think it’s competitively completely 100-percent fair.”

No, it’s not fair for female athletes to compete against physiologically stronger and faster biological males. But thanks to the Department of Education’s ruling on transgendered students, unfairness is now policy.

This is the absurd result of a worldview that says maleness and femaleness are social constructs, that identity is chosen, and that everyone else has to play along.

Even if the playing field isn’t level.

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