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A Christmas message from the American Atheists. For the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I'm John Stonestreet with The Point.

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“Dear John,” began the email. It was from an organization called the American Atheists, who wanted me to know they’ve put up billboards in my area as part of their annual anti-Christmas campaign. Their goal:  to “encourage non-believers to be honest about what they believe…and start the conversation about what is really important during the holidays, namely spending time with and caring for friends, family, and loved ones.”

It left me wondering: Why is time spent with family important if we’re all just cosmic accidents? For that matter, why is being honest about what you believe important?

The ongoing phenomenon of evangelistic atheism—particularly around Christmas and Easter—is bizarre. If these folks really believe we all end up as worm food, what’s the point in trying to spread unbelief? Why should they care enough to put up a billboard?

It’s easy to ignore and make fun of atheists evangelizing, but don’t. As a Christian, you’ve got a message worth celebrating and an actual reason to spread it, including to atheists.


Honestly? The pack hunts more efficiently if morale is cohesive.

That of course sets the question one back as to why someone would care how efficiently the pack hunts.
Consider the SIgn
Let there be no mistake. The goal of the atheist is to keep non-believers in the dark and create shadows where there is light. Their signs are insidious, offensive, degrading, and mock only Christian beliefs. I wish it were easy to ignore their signs and deem them ineffective, but their message comes through loud and clear to breed contempt for all we hold dear. The fact they write you at all is a taunt. We should be countering with an offensive because we have the superior message. Our inaction confounds me and complacency is our sin. They are winning you realize?

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