Combining Faith and Contemporary Art

Contemporary art and the Christian faith have not always been the best of companions. However, artist Makoto Fujimura, has been a voice for the artistic expression of belief in God. He has been an encourager to others to mix their faith with their artistry.


Great Quotes
I am so glad to see artists trying to express God's truth through their art! One of the girls in the video said that they want to, "connect truth with beauty." That is such a great endeavor! When the Bible was transcribed in the Middle Ages, monks also used artwork in the Bible. This modern work seems to reflect that joining of beauty with God's word.

Another quote I enjoyed from the video was when the artist said, "today we have a language to celebrate waywardness, but not a language to to bring people back home." I am so glad he is working to create a celebration for a return to truth.

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