Something From Nothing, Lawrence Krauss, and the Colbert Report

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss attempts to defend the view that 'nothing' is actually a 'something' on the Colbert Report. This is just great TV...enjoy!

As Sean McDowell and I state in our book Is God Just a Human Invention? And Seventeen Other Questions Raised By The New Atheists, "For something to cause itself to come into being, it must first already exist. But if it first already exists, then it must have a cause outside itself. The idea that something could cause itself is absurd. This is why the laws of nature cannot plausibly explain the origin of the universe. Natural laws can only act on things that already exist, so they can’t be the first cause for the universe itself. The laws came into existence with the big bang, so they can’t be the explanation for the big bang."

Colbert's question is actually very reasonable and where did the nothing that is actually a something come from?
Contrary to what Krauss asserted (i.e., did not make an argument for) on the Colbert Report, there is good evidence for belief in God. Again, you can read an accesible treatment of the evidence for God here. You can also read Dr. William lane Craig's reply to Dr. Krauss's assertions / arguments here.


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