Sayed Mossa Released From Afghan Prison
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Sayed Mossa is a Christian who languished in an Afghan prison until WORLD Magazine's Mindy Belz started writing about him last year.  Here's her first story, written when we still had to use an alias for him:

Other media outlets picked up the story, and this international attention played a vital role in his release.  Mindy recounts that part of the story here:

I point out these two stories for several reasons.  First, any time a Christian is imprisoned for his faith, that should be a cause for concern and action for all Christians.

Secondly, I want to make what some might call the self-serving (but I think valid) point that JOURNALISM MATTERS.  Too often, journalism these days is nothing but puffery and punditry.  Mindy Belz shows that hard-nosed, fact-based reporting has the power to change minds and hearts.  The truth still matters -- in spite of claims that "facts" and "truth" are either unknowable or irrelevant.

Thirdly, I would observe that just because a country has an election, that doesn't make it a democracy.  The U.S. is doing great work in Afghanistan, and it is moving closer to democracy.  But we sometimes forget that it is not an election, or even lots of elections, that matter most.  The rule of law, guarantees of religious and other forms of liberty, and civic institutions (sometimes called "institutions of civil society" such as those that have sprung up inthe volunteerist culture of America) that make a people and a nation free.

Now that, you may be saying, is quite a lot to get out of a news story. You're right. It is. And that's another reason we should read (or hear, or view) the news with a discerning mind.


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