A Moral Revolution

Can I be faithful to God and love my neighbor?

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The challenge of homosexuality is, according to Al Mohler of the Southern Baptist Seminary, a moral revolution that is shaking the foundation of the Christian church. In less than a generation, homosexual behavior has gone from unacceptable to acceptable, from cultural scorn to cultural embrace and encouragement.

In the early 20th century, theological issues like the authority of Scripture, miracles and deity of Christ divided the church. Now, the denominations that compromised Biblical authority are rejecting the clear teaching of the Scriptures about the homosexual lifestyle. As Mohler rightly notes, we must not follow that path. A Gospel that accommodates sin offers no deliverance from it, and is no Gospel at all.

But, as Mohler also notes, our testing is not only whether we’ll stand on Biblical truth, but how we will treat the neighbor, friend, or family member whose struggle this is. A shrill reactionary Gospel that can’t offer redemption for all sinners is no Gospel either.

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