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My six year old knows how to use Facebook... Uh oh.

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Last week Abigail, my six-year-old daughter, asked if she could play games on my smartphone while her younger sisters were taking a nap. Even at six, she’s pretty good about navigating around to different games and drawing apps.

Well, she was even better than I thought. 30 minutes later without any help or instructions, she had accessed and updated my Facebook profile twice.

We’re not a high tech family, but at age six, she’s already getting comfortable living in a high tech age. There’s nothing more normal to students than technology, and it’s a terrific asset. But it can also be distracting from real relationships, good reading, and productivity. We must help students discern not only how to use it, by why and when to use it, and when to turn it off. In this case, I was too late... Abigail’s first post read: “Mommy, I love You.”  Her second post read: “Daddy, you have fat feet.”

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