Not Really a Compromise

It reshuffles the deck, but it’s no compromise. I’m John Stonestreet and this is the Point.

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Last Friday, the Obama administration announced a compromise to the Health and Human Services Mandate that moved the responsibility of providing coverage of contraception, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization from employers to insurance companies. This, of course, makes absolutely no difference whatsoever in the fundamental issue at stake, since employers pay insurance companies for the coverage that is now mandated.  And under Obamacare, employers with 50 or more employees will be mandated to provide insurance for their workers by 2014, so businesses or non-profits that size will be forced to choose between their religious convictions and their existence.

As Alan Sears of the Alliance Defense Fund told Chuck Colson and me on BreakPoint this Week, this is the largest violation of religious freedom we have ever seen by government. The Alliance Defense Fund is recruiting both for profit and non-profit employers to challenge this ruling. To find out how to join, listen to the show this weekend on radio or at I’m John Stonestreet.

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